As a life long resident of southern New Jersey always surprised by the green of our Garden State. I’ve travelled the world and always notice a pine tree like the one above in the Grand Canyon of Georgia. In July of 2018 I decided to write a book about the Pineys of New Jersey. To help my writing along I also started a Facebook page April 30th, 2019 called Piney Tribe. Months later I realized members wanted to share content so I made a closed FB group called Piney Tribe Off the Radar in August of 2019.

Well months into the writing process the book idea turned into a two book series. At the end of 2019 book one was sent to publishers and we are looking forward to the publishing in 2020.

My contact Information- Email at Harlequinhawk@gmail.com

Also in case you were wondering I’m a self professed Treehugger and my resume is representative of my passion for the environment. Check me out on LinkedIn. @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamjoelewis/